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Series Medium Duty Load Bar: 69" - 96" / SL20

Price: $115.50
Item Number: 14982

Adjustable from 69" - 96"

Save-A-Load® Heavy-Duty hydraulic load bar incorporates a unique interior hydraulic cylinder pump which keeps the bar secure against the walls of a trailer, even as the walls experience the normal flex during road transport. The hydraulics have a pressure-limiting valve so that the operator cannot damage the trailer walls. Engineered for versatility and flexibility while combining lightweight materials and maximum strength, Save-A-Load® bars offer safe and easy operation, including a convenient one-hand release mechanism various end configurations to meet your cargo needs.

The SL-20 Series has all the same great features and benefits as the SL-30 Heavy Duty Load bar ONLY the pressure-limiting valve is set at a PSI to stay put in a transport vehicle, such as a Sprinter van.

Save-A-Load is the premier cargo restraint device on the market today.

* The ONLY hydraulic load bar
* Hydraulic tested over 30,000 uses
* 8.8 pounds...the lightest ever!
* Lifetime warranty on hydraulics
* Will not freeze up
* Will not damage trailers
* Safe and easy to use

Heavy Duty Coil Spring

* Keeps Save-A-Load‚® Bars in place
* Compensates for flexing of trailer walls
* Save-A-Load® Bars maintain a constant contact
with trailer walls even under the worst road conditions
* Compensates for expansion and contraction due
to temperature variations

Articulating Foot Design

* Keeps full pad surface in contact with container
walls for maximum grip
* Allows Save-A-Load‚® bars to be set at an angle

Easy Push Button Release

* Simply push a button and Save-A-Load® Bars
are instantly released every time

High Friction Foot Pad

* Provides maximum adhesion to all types of surfaces, even FRP trailers
* Stays in place where others fail


* All components are made of strong light weight materials
* Easy to install and remove
* Every pound counts

Integral Hydraulic Ram

* The hydraulic ram is designed to last longer than other designs and is easier to operate than mechanical devices
* The integral design protects the mechanism from damage

Square Aluminum Tubing

* HighTensile Strength corrugated thick walled tubing used to ensure a strong, light, long-lasting bar
* Corrosion free

Long Lasting

* Save-A-Load® Bars are quality devices designed to out perform all other adjustable cargo bars

Bio-safe FDA approved hydraulic fluid

* Designed to work in any environment from -35½ F to 160½ F

Preset Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

* Prevents damage
* Eliminates damage to trailers caused by other load bars
* Limits the force that can be applied to trailer walls
* Cannot be adjusted by the operator
* Can be custom set to customers' specifications

Telescoping Tube Design

* Ensures long trouble free operation of the hydraulic components inside

Low Profile Handle

* Reduces possible injury
* Compact profile for easy storage

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