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ShotFinder Seismic Plug, 50 Per Bag

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Price: $88.00
Item Number: 74850BXEPCO


ShotFinder shot-hole plug was designed to save Seismic Explorationists time and money and to ensure compliance with regulator specifications where applicable!                              


High Quality Grade 5 Ceramic Magnets Are Used in each ShotFinder shot-hole plug


Fits hole size: 4" - 6", Quantity per box 100. Stemming Plugs provide an easy and inexpensive way to stem your blast hole.


Innovative Design

The ShotFinder shot-hole plug’s simple but ingenious

engineering design combines 2 significant features into one

product. A high performance shot-hole plug with a  

built-in locator magnet. 


 Efficient and Cost Effective

The ShotFinder shot-hole plug saves you valuable

time and money by eliminating the need to order

magnets and downhole plastics from separate suppliers.

 F i e l d Te s t e d 

The ShotFinder shot-hole plug has been successfully tested with

proven performance at depths to 36 inches under varying


 No More Lost Holes 

Current shot-hole plugging methodologies do not                                  

always guarantee proper magnet placement.

The ShotFinder shot-hole plug comes with a built-in magnet

ensuring that shot holes can be readily found with magnet

detectors currently being used by most geophysical contractors.


The ShotFinder shot-hole plug is manufactured in Texas

using a high grade polyethylene plastic. The overall

structural design makes the ShotFinder shot-hole plug easy to install.

The wings are designed to reduce the chance of stripping cap

leads while securely holding the plug in place. A second hole has been


added to the wings to accommodate double capping. The

ShotFinder shot-hole plug has an elongated body to provide

adequate space for a detonator spool.


The ShotFinder shot-hole plug’s built-in magnets have a

greater Surface Area than most magnets that are currently being

used in the seismic industry. The ShotFinder shot-hole eliminates

loosely or incorrectly placed magnets when the ShotFinder shot-hole

plug is placed at the depths regulated by state agencies.


Total Magnet Surface Area 10.30002 square

Inches. Maximum Operating Temperature: 400

degrees F (204 degrees C) to -40  degrees F (-40

degrees C) Residual Induction Br: 3800 Gauss

Surface dimension in Inches: Outer  diameter 2.380,

Inner diameter 1.000,  Thickness 0.1850


Technological Consulting Services

The ShotFinder technological consulting

services optimize the installation of, use of

and location of the ShotFinder shot-hole

plug.  Technological consulting services in

the field of seismic data acquisition in

connection with all aspects of seismic

exploration and seismic drilling operations

are also available.



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