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RockRivet Red, Semi Rigid, 100/box 4.5" (115mm) - 6.5" (165mm) hole

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Price: $225.50
Item Number: 74683-146
The MTi Group ROCKRIVET is a retention plug for use in both underground and open pit mines. It
works using friction and interference generated by the plastic fins in the ROCKRIVET to hold onto the
wall of the hole. The fins are designed to close like a collet giving maximum holding capacity with
minimal leaking. The design also incorporates spaces for a downline or firing line to pass through,
preventing the likelihood of cut-offs or misfires. 

In underground mines, the product reduces slumping andminimises wastage on ANFO and emulsion. 
In open pit mines, the product is used for decking and acts as a hole protector, ensuring no foreign material can enter
the hole. 
It is installed by using a charge hose or 1 ¼” split threaded pole adaptor with a ROCKRIVET CONNECTOR. Once the
connector or hose is inserted onto the ROCKRIVET, it canbe pushed to the desired height in the hole.  
To decouple the ROCKRIVET CONNECTOR, twist the poleand pull away.  Once in place, the ROCKRIVET will hold in
place ensuring no movement occurs.  
The SEMI-RIGID range is easier to install while the RIGID range has a larger holding capacity for larger loads. 

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