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** NEW ** HS1 - Handi Starter w/ Pouch


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The all new HS1- Handi Starter was developed with the user in mind.  
If offers a one piece heavy duty swivel breech block for quick loading 
and reloading.  Utilizes a #209 shotgun shell to initiate shock tube.
With the quick loading feature it can be readied for operation in just 
a few seconds.
After cocking and loading, with non-electric tubing inserted into the 
barrel of the nozzle and the device is ready to initiate the blast.  Simply 
flip the trigger from its cocked position.

Length/Diameter: 7"Length x 5/8"Diameter
Weight: 5 oz.
Body: Aluminum
Breech Block: Stainless Steel Fork & Brass Nozzle (nickel plated for durability)
Operation: Mechanical Spring-Operated Steel Firing Pin
Energy Source: #209 Shotgun Shell Primer 

1. Pull back and align Cock Pin so that it seats in the locked position.
2. Insert Safety Pin in Safety Pin Hole.
3. Twist Brass portion of the breech block to expose the primer slot. 
4. Place shotgun shell primer in base of Nozzle.
5. Twist Nozzle onto forks until snug and seated properly. 
6. String Non-Electric firing line into Through Hole and up and around into Nozzle.
7. When blast site is secured and free of people remove Safety Pin from Safety Pin Hole.
8. Keep hands and finger below the trigger and apply backward pressure to Cock Pin
    and while holding it stationary rotate it into Firing Pin Track.
9. Release pressure on Cock Pin so as to let it freely move along Firing Pin Track. 
1. Remove spent Non-Electric line from Nozzle and Through Holes.
2. Repeat step under "TO INITIATE" so as to re-cock the Cock Pin.
3. Re-apply the Safety Pin in Safety Pin Hole
4. Twist Brass portion of the breech block to expose the primer slot. 
5. Remove spent shotgun shell primer from base of Nozzle.
6. Clean as necessary and replace Nozzle to Forks until snug and seated properly. 

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