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Hornet 'S' Series Portable Electronic Signal Horn

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Price: $589.88
Item Number: 49159

Using compressed gas air horns?
Here’s why you should switch to the WoodsCan Hornet:
Save Money
 - Pay for it within 6 months*
 - Save $500 in the first year of ownership
 - Save $1,000 every year thereafter
(*Based on using one can of compressed gas per week. Payback is shorter and savings are greater if you use more than one can per week.)

It Works!
 - A consistent 130 decibels for over 500 pulls (then simply recharge the battery)
 - Reliable in a broad temperature range: -20oC to 45oC (0oF to 113oF)
 - No more lost productivity while looking for another full can of gas

 - No more frostbite from leaking cans
 - No more explosion risks when storing cans
 - Transportable on an airplane

Go Green
 - No more disposal issues for hundreds of metal cans
 - No more tetrafluoroethane (greenhouse gas) discharged into the atmosphere
 - Ozone friendly

WoodsCan Hornet product highlights:
• Cost-effective signaling device
• Extremely reliable – no more leaky gas cans
• Consistent 130 decibels of sound
• High intensity LED light
• Patented design
• Over 500 one-second pulls per charge
• Rechargeable 14 volt lithium-ion battery
• Three hour charge time
• Easy to operate
• Environmentally friendly with no greenhouse gas discharged
• Six month limited warranty

Each WoodsCan Hornet kit includes:
• WoodsCan Hornet electric air horn
• 14 volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• Charger (110/220 volt AC)
• 12 volt inverter
• Durable carrying case
• (Optional) second lithium-ion battery
• User’s manual

I have been using the WoodsCan blasting horn on a daily basis for urban and downtown blasting procedures since it was
first introduced. Never would I want to go back to an aerosol device. With the in-truck quick charge, I have never yet been
in a position where my signal warning device fails to work. In my line of work this is imperative. Every blaster that I come in
contact with either has one or wants one...they work! - Bruce Rowell (Western Grater Contracting, Ltd.)

Regardless of your application, the WoodsCan Hornet will meet your signaling needs:
• Blasting
• Demolition
• Surface Mining
• General & Heavy Construction
• Quarrying
• Seismic Exploration
• Mineral and Ore Processing
• Oil & Gas
• Forestry
• Agriculture
• Plant Operations
• Manufacturing
• Avalanche Control
• Resource Exploration
• Military & Public Safety / Law Enforcement
• Search & Rescue
• Marine
• Special Effects
• Animal Control
• Sporting & Special Events
• Many more…

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