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STSS - Shock Tube Saver System

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STSS - Shock Tube Saver System
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The Shock Tube Saver System is a kit consisting of a power pack, a single-channel shock tube initiator, and 500 feet of lead line on a spool.

The system is designed to allow the user to reduce shock tube consumption by at least 95%.

Instead of running 500 feet of shock tube downrange, you can run 25 to 50 feet of shock tube from the shot to the rugged initiator. You then use 500 feet of lead line to run from the initiator back up range. The power pack is used to power the initiator through the lead line from a safe distance.

The initiator and lead line can be recovered for reuse resulting in the use of only 25 feet of shock tube instead of the 500 feet. In this manner, the system pays for itself within 25 shots.

In addition to the cost savings, this also means that you have less shock tube that needs to be transported to a remote site, less to haul back out, and less to account for, allowing the user to fire more shots per reel of shock tube.

Over $400,000 can be saved in shock tube cost alone over the 10,000-shot life span of the system. Full details can be found in our Cost Analysis and Return On Investment.

As with all of our other commercial products, this system is covered by our No-Nonsense Warranty. If it breaks, send us the pieces and we'll repair or replace it at no cost.

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