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Ceramic knives are a modern innovation. The hardness, strength and corrosion resistance of Zirconia (ZrO2) Ceramic, provides significant advantages compared to traditional stainless steel knives: the ultra-sharp ceramic blade will hold its edge much longer than regular steel, go literally years without re-sharpening when you use these stain and rust proof knives! Impervious to food acids that eventually discolor steel products. Ceramic knives do not leave behind any metallic taste or smell, helping to maintain each food's taste. Your Ceramic Knife is an environmental, friendly, chemically stable product, which is rust-free and non-corrosive. The non-stick surface is easier to clean than steel and will not tarnish or absorb food odors, they are easy to care for by rinsing in warm water, and they do not need to be fully dried when stored

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Ceramic Pocket Knife: Large
Price: $47.11
Ceramic Pocket Knife: Large
Features a one hand opening thumb stud. A ceramic folding knife has particular appeal due to the need to cut some lines containing "Kevlar" and other really tough materials.