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Item Number: 38137
Steel Cable Blasting Mats are fireproof, flexible and easily transportable. Hoist hooks on all four corners for ease of moving. The 5/8"cable mats are made in several sizes. From 4' wide to 15' long. Average weight: 16lb

Advantages of Patented Wire Rope Blasting Mats over the competitorпїЅs rubber tire mats
  Wire Rope Blasting Mats      Rubber Tire Mats
Effectiveness  Patented weave design allows gases to vent and diffuse, while containing fly rock.   Does not vent gases, each blast damages the mat continuously reducing effectiveness and reliability
  Flexible, adapts to any surface and topography
  Inflexible, flip and eject flying rocks
  Ideally suited for blasts in the proximity of existing buildings    Changing rubber density precludes inspection to ensure the mats remain serviceable
Durability   Built to withstand years of intensive, daily use   Damage caused by blasts changes rubber density,significantly reducing durability
Transportability  Economical to transport      Costly to transport
  Can be rolled up; 13 mats can be packed in a container
  Only 2-3 mats can be packed in a container
  Weighs only 16.5 lbs/ft² (65 kg/m2²)    Weighs 32lbs/ft² (156kg/m²)
Safety  Fireproof     

Fully compliant with ISO 9001:2000 standards

  Flammable, emit toxic fumes
Environment-Friendly Completely recyclable   Comprise hazardous waste that is unsafe to dispose of
Cost  Extremely economical: minimal cost per use, low transportation costs, 100% recyclable   Very high cost per use; high transportation costs costly to dispose of (hazardous waste)

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