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#BT60 60-Mil Breachers Tape


Price: $83.05
Item Number: 15560
#BT60 60-Mil Breachers Tape

Breachers Tape
offers remote positioning capability, excellent
reliability and an increase in effectiveness and safety.

Breachers Tape is offered in 2 inch by 50 foot rolls in two
thicknesses: 60mils

Breachers Tape
™ product -
- creates an immediate super strong bond between the charge
and the target on all types of surfaces. It is used by the
military, special forces, anti terrorist combat, first responders,
fire and police departments.

Breachers Tape is an expedient resource tool when
other methods are inappropriate for technical or tactical

Breachers Tape™ is All Temperature:    
    The specially designed adhesive is extremely aggressive
    and is an All-Temperature tape.  Breachers Tape™ has an
    application temperature range of -10*F to 150*F!!  
    No other tape can claim this!

Breachers Tape™ is All Weather Resistant:
    This tape adhesive is moisture resistant to help it adhere in
    all types of weather including the most difficult ---
    wet weather. The extremely aggressive adhesive adheres in spite of
    dirty/dusty surfaces.

Breachers Tape™ has a Superior Surface Contact:
    Adhesive up to 60mils (1.52mm) thick to absorb the
    uneven highs and lows of various surfaces.

Breachers Tape™  has Adhesive Stability:
    Our adhesive has a long shelf life (1+yrs) when stored
    near room temperature. It also does not require any special
    means for storage or
    transport.  (Unlike Hydrogel)

Breachers Tape™ has a Special Extended Liner
    Our special release liner extends approximately 1/2”
    beyond the edge of the adhesive.  This makes our product
    very easy to
    work with in both prep and field use.

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