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Fiberglass Loading Pole, 1-1/4" x 6'

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Price: $10.58
Item Number: 15110-06

(Brass connector not included, shown for illustration purposes only)

Introducing our new Fiberglass Telescopic Loading Pole.  The convenience of the telescopic feature provides many benefits as in: light weight, easy storage, easy transportation, safety, durable fiberglass strength and most of all convenience.  

** All 1.25" connectors and attachments listed below are available and are compatible with this system,  If you would like to add attachments to this pole, please add the item to the card and provide attachment instructions in the notes during checkout.

This item includes: (Brass connector not included, shown for illustration purposes only)
1 each -  1.25"x 6' FiberGlass Rod

Weight = 2 lb

Why use Pultruded Fiberglass tube over other materials?

Pultruded Fiberglass Tube and Rod Features

1. UV & Corrosion Resistant

- Resists harmful UV rays which may damage other products
(We use a high percentage of UV inhibitor with our isopthalic polyester resins.)

- Made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, our tube and rod is highly resistive
to many common solvents, acids, and environments


2. Flexible & High Strength

- In high wind, our pultruded fiberglass will flex without cracking.

- Hundreds of strands of glass fibers combine with resin to form a superior and longer lasting product.


3. Electrically Non-Conductive

- Electrically non conductive material that is perfect in sensitive applications

We use "E-Glass" in our tubes and rods ... (best electrical properties)

4. RF and EM Transparent

- Fiberglass is used in more antenna manufacturing than any other manufacturer as it exhibits excellent properties at radio frequencies.

- Fiberglass is electromagnetically transparent allowing use around and in electromagnetically sensitive applications.

- Fiberglass is perfect for, but not limited to: cellular, radio, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max applications.


RF and EM Transparent Building Material, RFI and EMI Transparent Building Material

5. Variety with Consistency

- Innovative material allows you to manipulate it in many ways to fit your purpose and need.

6. Easily Fabricated and Easy to Install

- Fiberglass is easily fabricated using proper tools with carbide, diamond, or abrasive tip blades.

- Fiberglass is a lighter weight material allowing for ease of installation and less risk of injury or fatigue.

Fiberglass Cutting

7. Highest Quality manufactured in the U.S.A.

- 20+ years of providing the highest quality product made in the U.S.A.


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