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1678-4 Test Box (Optional)

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Price: $2,700.01
Item Number: 72873


1678 Test Box

Allows the user to test and display system information, as well as perform diagnostic checks through a programming interface between

a computer and the RFD units. It can also be used to reprogram certain settings and parameters.
1678 System Information:
The 1678 Remote Firing Device is designed with the same solid performance and excellent reputation as our 1669 model. Smaller and

more compact, the Mini Controller fires up to four remotes, built with hard anodized, extremely tough and corrosion resistant cases. The increased

firing capacity, user replaceable smart battery system and brighter LEDs with a dim setting are just a few of the enhanced features this new design

offers. The Rothenbuhler 1678 Remote Firing Device (RFD) is an intelligent and discrete 2-way controlled initiation system used on land as a primary firing

mechanism to detonate explosive charges. The Remotes respond only to commands transmitted from a similar digitally encoded (addressed) Mini

Controller. The RFD’s unique and field proven design will only allow a system with the correct “address” to interrogate and actuate the Remotes.

The latest microprocessor and message encoding/validation technology (CRC-32) has been combined to provide a SAFE, RELIABLE, ACCURATE

and COMPACT tool. The RFD is safer to use than conventional electric initiation methods. The Remotes have a timed automatic disarming feature for added safety. All

Mini Controller and Remote buttons, LEDs and hardware are recessed, to minimize the possibility of damage. All system cases are WATERTIGHT to

a depth of 100 ft. All RFD cases have a vent for pressure equalization and airtight to an altitude of 30,000 ft.

The RFD has a versatility and reliability not before seen in demolition initiation systems. Due to the unique design of the Rothenbuhler RFD, the
system can individually command from 1-4 Remotes with each Mini Controller unit. The Remotes can be individually switched on, off, armed,

fired, and interrogated for status via the keypad on the Mini Controller. If a Remote has a low battery, this will also be indicated on the Mini Controller’s

keypad if the Remote is within range. With the 1678 system and the SLEEP MODE feature, the Remotes can be left in standby mode for approximately

200 hours and still maintain the energy to initiate blasting caps.
* Mini Controller fires up to 4 Remotes
* Rechargeable batteries are user replaceable
* Light display toggles between bright & dim
* Up to 12 Miles L.O.S.
* 2-way communication
* Faster communication
* Increased firing capacity
* 5 position charger and conditioner
* New and improved Test Box features

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